New walk-in dry rooms

Manual drying process optimized and reduced handling time

Before the installation of the Totech Walk-in Dry Rooms at Protonic, PCBs were manually unloaded from PCB racks and put into special trays that fitted inside the Totech Drying Cabinets, where they were dried prior to the production process. Protonic works with trolleys holding 6 PCB racks and wanted to optimize this manual drying process to reduce handling time.

Because the Walk-In Dry Rooms guarantee the same conditions as the drying cabinets (40-60°C and safe storage <5%RH) but have more space and are easy to access, the element of human handling has been taken out of the production process. The PCBs no longer have to be removed from the PCB racks but can be dried directly on trolleys.

Up to 6 PCB racks fit on each trolley and each Walk-in Dry Room can accommodate 6 trolleys. One Dry Room is for drying with conditions of 60ºC and RH of <1% and the second room is used for the storage of the PCBs under conditions of 40ºC and a RH of <5%. This saves a lot of time and makes the entire production process more efficient.